Plastic Industry Faces Huge Losses, Demands Clarity On Single-Use Plastic Ban

  • Date: 18-October-2019
  •  Industry demands clear guidelines on how government plans to phase out single-use plastic by 2020

    Uncertainty leads to closure of about 10,000 units and job losses of 4.5 lakh people,” said AIPMA

    Government had asked ecommerce companies to cut down single-use plastic for packaging

    All India Plastic Manufacturers Association (AIPMA) has asked the government to issue clear guidelines on its short-term and long-term plans to phase out single-use plastic ban. It has asked the Centre to give clarity on how it plans to implement the ban by 2022. An outright ban would escalate costs and lead to job losses and disrupt supply chains, the companies said, according to an ET report.

    “The uncertainty has led to the closure of about 10,000 units and the plastic industry is staring at job losses of 4.5 lakh people ahead of the Diwali season,” said co-chairman of the environment committee of AIPMA Jayesh Rambhia. “The Centre directed states to take action on October 2, but different policies across states are fragmenting the Indian market, which was unified by GST. Right now, there’s uncertainty and fear at ground level and if there’s a sweeping ban on single-use plastic without alternatives, the economy could come to a grinding halt,” added Rambhia.

    The government’s proposed single-use plastic includes plastic bags, cups, plates, small bottles, straws, some sachets among others. This move is expected to cut down 5% to 10% of India’s annual consumption of about 14 Mn tonnes of plastic.


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