Who can join Plastic World?
Any company, institution or organization belonging to plastic industry can apply for Membership of plastic world.
How will I benefit by register with Plastic World?
With registering your company with Plastic World, you can get access to a range of business generation tools that help you to produce qualified business leads from buyers of all over the globe.
Your registration entitles you to:
  • List your company for Free, in relevant categories of PlasticWorld directory. By high merit of your listing you will start receiving business enquiries from buyers interested in buying your product.
  • By posting buy/sell trade leads on PlasticWorld Trade Leads. Trade leads is the fastest as well as assured tactic for getting the targeted buyers and sellers for your products. Once you register your company with Plast-World.com, you will receive a username and password through which you can post trade lead and also reply it posted by global buyers and sellers.
  • You can subscribe to Trade Alerts (through e-mail) from Plastic World Trade Leads. This subscription helps you to track all trade lead postings from your desktop and also allow to response relevant lead of your business.
  • You don´t need to refill the company information every time for receiving/sending Trade Enquiries and that saves your valuable time.
If I want to register my company then what I have to do?

Registering with Plast-World.com is an easy way process of three steps as well as it is absolutely free:

* Click on "Sign Up" tab placed at the top right corner of the main page.

* Fill up the form of registration which includes your username, password and e-mail id (your Plastic World username and password cannot contain special characters or spaces).
* Fill your company/business information & contact details and click on terms & Conditions acceptance then lastly end the process by clicking the "Submit” button.
While your registration request in editing queue in that duration you can start using the features/services of Plastic World network. Once your request has been approved for registration then with given password and username user can start the using of the site b2bplasticworld.com or any of its network sites.
Benefits of to become a member of online B2B Marketplace - Plastic World?

Benefits of Membership of plastic world:

  • Search your company through keywords - per listing (product, offers and profile pages)
  • Personalized Email Marketing
  • Personalized SMS Promotion
  • Template based website / catalog
  • Upload Video of your Company / Products
  • FREE Web Space & Hosting
  • Free Web Directory submission
  • Send Business Promotional Messages / Emails to members
  • New buyer Email alert of your products /Company
  • Business Alert of your Selling / Buying offers
What is the procedure to register my company in Plastic World B2B Trade Portal?
  • Registering your company is very easy and FREE (including a FREE Product Catalog and a FREE Business Website). You only require filling out the sign up forms and entering your company details.
  • Once you complete the registration process your company will be listed on our Company Directory and you will be able to post and reply instantly trade leads and get contact information of other companies.
  • Now to start your membership you simply need to click onto the Register Now! link and proceed. Or read more about Member Benefits and included FREE Features for all new members!
How can I find new business partners through this B2B Trade?
There are numerous ways to find business partners using Plastic World B2B Trade Portal.
  1. 1. Describe your company and your products and let other companies contact you.
  2. 2. Get Sell Offers, Buy Offers, Business Opportunities using the following link: (Post Trade Leads) and let other companies respond to your offers.
  3. 3. Search our authenticated database of companies and contact to get the targeted partners.
  4. 4. Search our database of trade leads and contact to get the partners for your business.
  5. 5. Register your business for Trade Alert. We offer to get Trade Leads directly to your Inbox
Through which way can I improve my response feedback at Plastic World Trade Portal? Moreover, how can I attract more potential buyers?
There are numerous ways to find business partners using Plastic World B2B Trade Portal.
  1. 1. Once you have registered your company to Plastic World, Trade Portal makes sure you also post 1-2 Trade Leads.
  2. 2. If you want better exposure of your Trade Leads, use your credits to make them Premium Trade Leads. Plastic World Trade Portal list thousands of Trade Leads and to get maximum exposure it is very important to list your Trade Lead on the top of other Trade Leads.
How do I search for offers for which I am looking?

With the help of powerful search bar which is placed at top of the page, you can Trade Leads / Companies that match your interest. Further, you can also browse Trade Leads / Companies based on Industry Classifications. Just click on Trade Leads / Companies button and on the next page you will find our Industry Classification.

For example, if you are searching for plastic granules you need to check the virgin plastic product category. If you would like to filter your search even more, you just click on plastic granules on the next page.

If I want to buy any product then how do I start?

b2bplasticworld.com is an on-line business trading platform where you can search or post product leads to attract potential trade partners. To obtain useful information about products of interest, take the following steps:

  1. 1. Go to http://www.b2bplasticworld.com/
  2. 2. Enter the name of the product you want to source in the search bar
  3. 3. Click "Search"

Click on a product in the search results to find out more about the product. On each product page, you can send messages to the supplier by clicking Contact Now. You can also talk with the supplier directly or leave an offline message by using our instant communication tool, Trade Manager.

We also suggest that you post your purchase requests as Buying Leads to attract potential trade partners fast. If you are not yet a member welcomes to Join b2bPlasticworld.com.

If I want to sell any product then how do I start?

b2bPlasticWorld.com is an on line business information exchange platform where you can search or post information to attract potential trade partners. You can search for buyers at our site by taking the following steps:

  1. 1. Go to http://www.b2bplasticworld.com/hot_deals.php
  2. 2. Input your product/service name
  3. 3. Click "Search".

The buyers' information will be listed and you can get contact details after signing in. To send your quotation, click "Contact Now". If you are not yet a member of b2bPlasticWorld.com, you are welcome to join us by going to http://www.b2bplasticworld.com/plastic-joinnow..

What is a Trade Offer?

a. a. Buy Offer

It is an offer to buy a product and represents a demand for that particular plastic product. Further, it is posted on behalf of an organization that requires the product.
To post a buy offer, click here.
Not registered user click here to register free.

b. Sell Offer
A sell offer is an offer to sell a product. An organization interested in marketing a product or a range of products can put up the relevant details for interested parties to view and respond.
To post a sell offer, click here.
Not registered user click here to register free.
What is trust seal logo?

Plastic World  Trust SEAL indicates trustworthiness of a business based upon verified record of certified documents pertaining to proof of existence, legal status, statutory approvals, affiliations and quality certifications.

What is a Trade alert?

It is one type of a customized email which delivers business leads directly to you for business categories of your business requirement. Moreover, when a new offer is posted in your area(s) of interest, alert messages are sent to you through email.
This service is available only to our registered member.

So, if you are not registered at Plastic World then please click here to register now.