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Product - Dry Heat Sterilizer

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Place of Origin: India
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Payment Terms: Cash,Cheque
Product Description
Bombay Engineering Works offer a versatile equipment, for use in pharmaceutical industries for sterilizing a wide range of components like ampules, vials, rubber stoppers, containers, dresses, saline bottles etc. They also find use in the food industry. The sterilizers are designed for a maximum temperature of 300 degree C, with critical control on temperature, leading to energy optimisation. This is achieved through a programmable temperature controller, the temperature time cycle being recorded on a recorder. All contact parts inside the sterilizer are of SS 304 or SS 316.

The doors are interlocked to avoid contaminated air entering the sterile room. Hot air that is discharged into the sterilizer for the purpose, is filtered through a hepa filter, down to 0.3 levels. The total cycle of operations can be fully automated to predetermined drying, sterilizing and cooling cycles. A sophisticated control panel, custom-built, closely monitors the critical parameters.