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Product - Slitting Machine

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Place of Origin: China
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Product Description
1)This machine structure is compact, perfect rigidity, the guide-roller arrange is rational, and the automatic degree is high. The machine is divided into two parts: secondary machine for unwind and main machine for rewind. The unwind-roll part and the main-machine are separated, through the bridge level to link in the middle, and the treadle parallel on the ground. Adopt hydraulic pressure support to automatic material loading and unloading material for unwind and rewind. It is easy to operate.
(2)This machine control-tension is segmenting type. The unwind-roll part dispose accurate gas-quick detection system, the main-machine part equip heavy swing of glue roller machine and import low friction air cylinder, it is used for controlling the membrane tension accurately while operating. The rewind-roll part accurate use by imported flat-electrical machine and support-arm pressure gas-cylinder setting, it solves tension changes causes by the membrane material thickness deviation. This operate process can be controlled in unison by central computer control system PLC, it realize electricity, gas, machine automation control of the Trinity control entirely. It’s simple and convenient for operating, workers can operate well by easy training.
(3)The design of the slitting equipment is unique, convenient for regulating, and it can prevent the damage of membrane in the course of cutting effectively.