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Product - calcium dilaurate(CAS: 4696-56-4) PP nucleating agent,Grade CH1200

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Grades CH series nucleating agents are preferred choice for excellent βcrystallization,with the content of CH Series Improved, notched impact strength significantly improved.Due to PP nucleation modified by CH Series is rich in βCrystalline and small particle size,small spherulites has higher interfacial bonding strength,crack along the small size interface extensions consumes more energy, while β Crystalline PP with a layered structure is easy to slip, yield, with a buffer effect to impact,which improving the toughness of the materials, thereby significantly improve the capability of nucleation of PP.Because of CH series with high impact strength and heat distortion temperature, better the high-speed tensile toughness and ductility, used in large thin-walled container housing materials, auto parts,, films, fibers, tubes, thick membrane, microporous membranes and synthetic paper and other manufacturing fields.