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PIC Anti-Freeze Coding Ink
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Place of Origin: India
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Offer Description
PIC have developed special ANTIFREEZE CODING INK for Low temperature application. The INK is very useful wherever coding is to be done on Ice Cream / Butter / Milk / Ghee & other packing's, which are to be stored in deep-freezers. The inks are free flowing, limpid, transparent, water resistant & can be used to mark on Glazed / Non glazed, Metallic/Non-Metallic Surfaces. The inks are resistant to temperature as low as -20 deg

These inks are also used for marking on wax,plastic,varnish-coated paper, laminated surfaces, aluminum foil, polypropylene, cellophane, cloth, jute, glass / PVC / ceramic containers.

The ink is quick-drying & is resistant to lubricants & spermicidal. The markings on the surface are clear, sharp & indelible. Available colors are Black,Red,Violet,Brown & Blue. Other colors can also be supplied on request.

Coding ink is suitable for manual, Semiautomatic & automatic packing machines like Strip / Foil Pack, Carton-pack, Vertopack, Carton & Label overprinting machines.

These anti-freeze batch-printing inks can be used for many applications viz. for coding Batch No., Date of Manufacturing, Expiry Date, Maximum Retail Price, Lot No., & other statutory information on various packaging's substrates.

The colors fastness of these inks is excellent & stands ultraviolet exposure up to wool scale no.6 which is about four years of indoor exposure.

Anti freeze Coding Inks are available in packing's of 100 ml.,500 ml.,1 liter, 5 liters & 20 liters.