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dripping pipe and accessories
Product Details
Place of Origin: Turkey
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Product Status: New
Delivery Time (in Days): 0
Production Capacity : Depending on the quantity ordered
Sample Available : Yes
Payment Terms: Credit Card,Letter of Credit,Cash,Cheque,Bank Transfer
Offer Description
we are manufacturer of dripping pipe and accessories.You can see sample one of these products at the product image.We also manufacture following products and also plastic tube fittings.
-lock type male
-lock type coupling
-lock type male elbow
-lock tye elbow
-lock type reduc. elbow
-lock type t
-lock type male t
-lock type reducing t
- lock type reducing t
-lock type reducing
-lock type end cap
-lock type cover
-lock type nippel
-lock type filter t
-lock type filter elbow
-sieve filter part
-16 tape multicoupling
-17 tape multicoupling
-extention tube
-male thread nipple
-male thread reducing nipple
-male thread reducing nipple
-male thread elbow
-male elbow reducing
-male thread t
-male t reducing
-male thread end
-16'' maxi-jumbo valve box
-14'' jumbo valve box
-12'' valve box
-10'' valve box
-6'' valve box
3/4'' valve box
-dripper red/black/green
-dripper red eco
-connector ring-grooved
-conncetor ring-plain
-mini valve dovetail
-mini valve exit
-mini valve reducing dovetail
-mini valve locked-male thread
-mini valve locked
-mini valve ring-flat
-mini valve-male thread
-mini valve dovetail-male thread
-mini valve dovetail - locked
-connector nipple
-conector t
-connector elbow
dovetail-line end
Dripping acessories
-dripping line end
-connector reducing nipple
-connector male t
-connector reducting t
-connector male t
-connector reducing t
-connector dripline-exit
-pipo elbow
-dovetail male thread
-connector dripline - compression
-connector dripline - orings
-extra nipple
-vayonet t extra
-male adaptor
-coupling nipple
-start exit adaptor
-mini sprinkler stabilizer
-mini sprinkler stab.(corner)
-nipple connector ring
-safety offtake dripline-flat
-coupling type-flat
-offtake coupling-flat
-drillig tool
-drilling tool 3 mm
-irrgation valve-ring
-pipe stabilizer-long
-pipe stabilizer-short
-offtake clamp
-pipe hanging hook
-coupling wrench
-tap lifeline body
-tap lifeline key
-about higher coupling
-abot higher coupling locked