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FCC Company is a leading Egyptian provider and exporter of chemical products. FCC Company have an excellent understanding of the Egyptian local market and international market needs and requirements, a unique blend of superior logistics support services, and long-term experienced personnel. All these qualify our FCC Company to be in a unique and leading position among our product providers and exporters in Egypt.

We offer chemical products such as calcium carbonate lumps, and powders, calcium oxide and magnesium oxide with a variety of the proper compositions. Our total production is more than 100.000 tons per year.

Our company is striving for becoming the leading provider for reliable, customized, and high-quality exporting services while maintaining the standards of industry products by adhering to the local and international quality norms. Our Company aims to provide its local and international clients and customers with the highest levels of products and service delivery at optimum and competitive market prices.

Our FCC Company is based in Cairo, Egypt and is working on supplying and exporting the Egyptian raw materials of calcium carbonate lumps and powders, filler compounds, Limestone granules and powders and other related products to the entire world.
We are hoping to deal with you by this offer, discounts on contracts of supply of 15 to 20 percent, and the first three shipments in the regular contracts are discounts of 5 to 10 percent, depending on the quantity.

Hope a fruitful business between us in the future