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Product - 33% Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 66 Polyamide PA66 GF33

Product Details
Place of Origin: China
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price: Not Mentioned
Min. Order: 1 Metric Ton
Product Status: New
Delivery Time (in Days): 14
Production Capacity : Not Mentioned
Sample Available : Yes
Payment Terms: Bank Transfer
Product Description
PA 66, polyamide 66, nylon 66, modify by using many additives, like: glass fiber (GF), talc (TD), flame retardant, thermal and light stabilizers and others, which is widely used in automotive industry, electrical engineering, mining, mechanical engineering and food industry.

high mechanical strength;
high impact strength;
high mechanical damping capacity;
good fatigue strength;
high thermal resistance;
high chemical resistance;
good electro insulation characteristics.

For processing screw injection moulding machines with high pressure and injection speed are recommended:
Injection temperature approx. 270290 degree celsius
Injection pressure 100160 MPa
Mould temperature 60100 degree celsius
High injection speed