About B2B Plast World.com

  • Overview

    The modern business terminology is changing very rapidly. We are entering into a net savvy world, where in You will not need to travel different cities, states, countries or continents to promote your business. All the relevant information and details that you need for your business will be just a simple click away. Internet will be an inseparable part of modern human world. So keeping this modern business trend in mind B2B Trade Links Pvt. Ltd has started a online venture to serve the ever growing plastic industry.
  • B2B Plastic World

    www.b2bplasticworld.com is one of India's Most Exclusive Plastic Portal which will generate future business opportunities to all relevant plastic players in the industries all over the globe. Plastic World would be a leading B2B Plastic Portal. It would be such a marketplace that will allow the buyer and seller to join their hands for mutual benefits. This portal will provide its members the opportunity to capture market all around the globe with latest and most advanced tech tools and online support. This would be the most economic form of advertising which will work round the clock i.e. 24 hours to promote your business in the domestic as well as international market and would enhance the business of the company to earn more profits.

    A complete plastics portal supply chain starting from the raw material manufacturers, chemical and additive producers, manufactures of plastic processing machinery and auxiliary equipment, sellers of used plastic machinery, recycled plastic granules, manufacturers of plastic products, packaging films and bags, engineering plastic goods, houseware, furniture, other plastic products, consultants for the plastics industry, traders to the users and buyers of plastic end products, both business as well as consumers.
  • Our Mission

    It aims to simplify and streamline the buying and selling process within the plastics industry, enabling suppliers and buyers better visibility within their chain, first by sharing information, eventually moving on to sharing business processes. A medium without physical boundaries and geographical barriers which would help companies lower costs, expand existing markets, reduce customer service time, create more collaborative relationships with trading partners, and most importantly, create new revenue opportunities.
  • Initiative

    b2bplasticworld.com is several among various new initiatives successfully launched by the company in the domain of B2B Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. The venture in B2B marketing is a well-thought off strategy to serve the emerging markets in one of the most vibrant sectors of the industry - Plastic. It is supported by an innovative team of creative professional who have been in to the field of web designing for over a decade.

    The company having successfully developed and designed over 400 websites is a major resource and strength for the company to launch into the sector through it new internet marketing initiative. It understands the end-user experience of any sector as much as it understands end-user experience in the internet marketing which makes it stand with high stakes in its new venture.

    While creating this high-level of satisfaction for the end-user experience through continuous creation of innovative offerings, the company want to benefit the value chain of the ever vibrant sector of Plastics. It believes it could contribute as much as to the growth sector by facilitating the stakeholders in engaging them and benefitting them through the design innovations which is a high in the bar of success in the sector.
  • Our Concept

    B2B Plastic World, is a B2B platform for the industry stakeholders to interact, engage and establish and work towards growth of the industry. The competitive advantage of the firms in this segment of the market rests on its ability to develop designs that capture tastes and preferences, and even better - influence such taste and preferences - in addition to cost-effectiveness. The supply chain from sourcing of raw materials and production to distribution and marketing is organized as an integrated production network where the production is segmented into specialized activities. Each of this activity is located where it can contribute the most to the value-addition of the product.

    B2B Plastic World in order to make appropriate decisions in the complex maze in a wide geography for the stakeholders is providing a B2B platform. Thus, the company will facilitate the segment to gain varied advantages and be a partner in the growth of stakeholders in the sector and help the industry grow newer heights in creating added value for the customer.